Sunday, 9 June 2013

[130609] Dad! Where Are We Going? Episode 23


"Dad! Where Are We Going?" is a reality show that takes celebrity dads and their kids on an overnight camping trip...with no moms. hilarity ensues. 

"what makes a good father?" fathers who are busy working. 

Fathers who are tired at home & especially the fathers - who make up the majority of korean fathers - who can't function without their much of a "place" do these fathers have in their families? as children grow older, the father's role becomes more and more distant. but here, "5 men who've become fathers" try to reclaim their places.

The first time going on a trip by themselves without mothers! Father & child will encounter obstacles large and small on overnight trips in the unfamiliar countryside far from civilization

With only each other for support, they will have a night to share their feelings.

a program that will carefully observe 48 hours without mothers and explore the status of this generation's fathers through topic of 'what is a father?' "Dad! Where Are We Going?" will bring you a story of growth with the real depiction of the two peoples' relationships. 

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